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Plastik (Video)
Need somebody Unter den Wolken Tote Hosen
I need a woman Money for nothing Dire Straits
I got my eyes Heart Attack and Vine Tom Waits
I got my eyes Holiday Geen Day
Lebensqualität Bad Case Of Loving You Robert Palmer
Medival Town (Live Video) Haus am See Peter Fox
My Window (Live Video) Summertime Blues The WHO
Old and new Hound Dog B.M.Thornton/E.Presley
Deal with the Evil (Live Video) A Forest The Cure
Make It Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan
I got a tuesday For what its worth Placebo
The Carousel High Road Easy Sass Jordan
Monday All are changing Blues Breakers Band
Unser Jimi Hendrix Turkish Bath Don Ellis Band
Programm u.a.: Wild Thing The Troggs
Purple Haze Crossroads Cream
All along the watchtower Route 66 Rolling Stones
Foxy Lady You really got me Kinks/Van Halen
Red House Substitute The WHO
Fire Jonny B. Goode Chuck Berry
The Wind cries Mary Cocaine JJ Cale
Can you see me (unplugged live) Lucretia My Reflection Sisters of Mercy
Hey Joe Sharp Dressed Man ZZ Top
Manic Depressions
Voodoo Chile u.a.m.
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